About Lemurian Healing™

Lemurian Healing is a simple, powerful energy technique that weaves ancient healing wisdom with heart-centered client care. Because it taps into universal love and light and actively engages the higher selves of both the healer and the healee, Lemurian Healing facilitates healing on four levels simultaneously—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Lemurian Healing is a 5D healing modality designed for a 3D world.

Lemurian Healing was co-created by Hawaii-based spiritual teachers and healers, David Bower and Mamiko Maridianna. The core of their healing modality is based on channeled wisdom from the Goddess temples of ancient Lemuria.

Lemurian Healing has helped thousands of people release emotional issues, improve relationships, awaken spiritually, achieve greater clarity, overcome health challenges, experience more love, and manifest more joyful, abundant lives.

Practitioners Worldwide

Mamiko and David began training healers in 2007. For more than a decade, they taught primarily in Japan. In recent years David has been presenting Lemurian Healing workshops outside of Japan. In 2020 the global pandemic forced them to cancel in-person workshops in five countries and inspire them to begin offering Self-Healing and Distance Healing Practitioner courses online.

Certified Lemurian Healing practitioners can be found in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, the Netherlands, UK, Ukraine, Denmark, and Switzerland.

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