Co-founders of Lemurian Healing

Co-founders of Lemurian Healing™

The spiritual paths of David Bower and Mamiko Maridianna converged in Hawaii when David was serving as the executive director of a non-profit healing organization. They both felt a strong connection to ancient Lemuria (and to each other) and in 2006 established the framework for Lemurian Healing. They began teaching their healing modality the following year.


David Bower

David is an experienced healer, channeler, and spiritual teacher. For more than 20 years he’s helped people heal and awaken to their highest potential. His passion is teaching Lemurian wisdom, such as Lemurian Healing and the Lemurian Star™ codex, as well as ancient wisdom channeled from the Elven Council of Light.

David graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a seasoned communications professional. His specialty is sharing spiritual concepts and practices in a way that makes them accessible to a wide range of audiences.


Mamiko Maridianna

Lemurian Healing book by Mamiko Maridianna

Lemurian Healing book by Mamiko Maridianna

Mamiko is an author, spiritual teacher, and Priestess of Lemuria. Her primary spirit guides are Lemurian Goddesses, and her passion is helping women reawaken the Goddess Light within. In her private practice she’s assisted thousands of clients in their healing and spiritual awakening.

For many years Mamiko presented Lemurian Goddess workshops and retreats and trained priestesses in the Lemurian Goddess temple tradition. She’s also taught hundreds of practitioners and trained teachers in the art of oracle card reading. She now shares her teachings online through the Lemurian Goddess School.

Mamiko has published two books in Japan, Lemurian Healing and Lemurian Goddess, as well as two oracle card decks, Angel Cards and Lemurian Cards. Her articles have appeared in Japanese magazines such as Star People and Anemone.