Frequently Asked Questions

Lemurian Healing FAQ

What is Lemurian Healing?

Lemurian Healing is a modern name for an ancient approach to healing. This gentle yet powerful energy technique taps into divine wisdom and universal love to transform lives—physically, emotionality, mentally and spiritually. It has helped people release emotional issues, improve relationships (or attract new ones), experience greater love, awaken spiritually, overcome health challenges, achieve clarity, experience greater love, and manifest more joyful, abundant lives (see About).

What makes it different from other energy healing modalities or techniques?

Lemurian Healing unleashes the divine wisdom of the Creator Cell, which is stored energetically in the pineal gland and is connected directly to the higher self. The Creator Cell holds the blueprint of your life plan and the wisdom of your original perfection, both physically and non-physically.

In Lemurian Healing the practitioner consciously facilitates healing simultaneously on four energetic levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is not simply a way of treating symptoms or removing energetic blockages. Lemurian Healing seeks to enlighten the root causes of discomfort and distress and assist the healee in shifting to a new level of awareness, balance and joy.

What do you mean by four levels of healing?

Energetically, there is much more to you than meets the eye. In addition to your physical body, which is made entirely of energy, you possess a series of non-physical “bodies” or layers of energy that extend outward in all directions. These non-physical bodies—emotional, mental and spiritual—are known as the human aura or human energy field.

One of the unique aspects of Lemurian Healing is that it acts on all four levels of human energy concurrently.

Who can practice it?

Every person, regardless of age, experience, background or belief system, is able to learn and practice Lemurian Healing. No previous experience is required.

Can I do Lemurian Healing on myself?

Absolutely. Once you learn the basics of performing a complete Lemurian Healing session for another person, you can easily adapt the techniques to do healing work on yourself. In fact, components of Lemurian Healing are recommended as daily self-care.

Can Lemurian Healing be used with other therapies or modalities?

Yes. Lemurian Healing can be blended with other healing modalities, therapies and standard medical care. Examples include therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, Lomilomi, Healing Touch, Ho’oponopono, counseling, and oracle card reading.

What is Lemuria?

Lemuria is the contemporary name given to an ancient land and civilization that existed more than 50,000 years ago in the Pacific Ocean. The core of Lemurian Healing is based on information and wisdom from the sacred Goddess temples of ancient Lemuria.

What's the appeal of Lemurian Healing?

All across the planet people are awakening spiritually. They’re awakening to their life purpose, remembering who they truly are, and reclaiming their abilities to heal.

Many are also remembering their connections to Lemuria. They’re awakening a deep, heart-felt memory of the unconditional love and light they experienced in Lemurian times. Most of those feeling a Lemurian connection are here to help bring Lemurian love and wisdom into our current reality.

What is the connection to Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands are the ancient mountaintops of Lemuria. Here, Lemurian energy still permeates the land. This is the reason some consider Hawaii to be the “healing capital of the world.”

What is the connection between Japan and Lemuria?

The islands of Japan represent the former western edge of ancient Lemuria. This is one of the places where Lemurian wisdom was brought for safe-keeping in ancient times. You’ll find energetic connections to Lemuria throughout the Pacific Rim.