Afraid to change? Here’s a way to change the way you think about, well, change.

Whenever you choose to change, you have the chance to heal.You can change your life any time you choose. Right now, in this very moment, you have the power to change your life.

That sounds great, but for many of us, the word “change” is so . . . unappealing. It feels like a four-letter word.

Change can be challenging. We all know that. But the important thing to remember is that you are never trapped and helpless. You are never limited to where you are or where you have been. What’s happened in the past doesn’t matter. All that matters is the current moment, the now, because that’s all you really have.

And in this moment, indeed in every moment, you have the ability to change.

For me the experience of change is always a process of healing. Each time I choose to make a change in my life, I am releasing old ways of thinking and acting and opening myself to new ways of thinking and acting. I am making a conscious choice. I am choosing to heal.

Every big change in my life has been a journey of healing. When I decided to stop smoking (finally) after 25 years, it was a healing. When I shifted my consciousness from living a life of lack to enjoying a life of abundance, it was a healing. When I announced to the Universe I was tired of being alone and ready to share my life with a partner, I embarked upon a journey of healing.

If you’ve been wanting to make some kind of change in your life and are hesitating, try reframing how you think about it.

  1. Let go of the past. Forget about it. Let it go.
  2. Focus on your desired result. Picture the new reality you want. Think about how that new reality will look and feel to you.
  3. Consider the experience of change as a process of healing. You are freeing yourself from the way things have been and consciously inviting new circumstances into your life. You are choosing to heal.
  4. Resist the temptation to think about how the healing will come about. The “how” is up to the Universe, not you.
  5. Trust the unfolding. Once you’ve made the decision to heal, the path of healing will begin to appear for you. Trust the path. You need only take each step as it appears.

It’s possible to view everything you experience in life as a healing journey. Your life is a continuous unfolding of change on many levels.

And with each new experience, you have the opportunity to heal. You can either resist the experience or embrace it, integrate it, and use it to evolve. When you consciously choose to heal, you accelerate the process of becoming whole, of becoming who you truly are.

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