Are your beliefs not working? Change them.

if your beliefs aren't working, change them.

You can stop taking your beliefs so seriously. Seriously. A belief is simply a thought you think over and over again. It’s just a thought, and thoughts can be changed. It’s your choice.

If you ever start feeling that a belief no longer serves you, replace it. Choose a new thought that FEELS better and start thinking that one over and over again (finding one that feels better is the key).

Which of the following beliefs feels better to you? “Life is a struggle and success only comes from hard work and sacrifice” or “Life unfolds easily for me. My needs are met and my dreams come true effortlessly.”

See what I mean?

We often believe that our beliefs are like concrete, fixed and permanent. But here’s a new thought to ponder: even concrete can be broken apart, ground to dust and replaced with something else.

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Satisfied with your abundance consciousness? 10 tips for attracting more of what you want

abundance comes in many forms
The momentum of the new moon and the winter solstice on December 21 will propel us into the New Year. And as I’ve posted on Facebook and in this blog, 2015 promises to be a year of abundance in many forms—money, joy, opportunities, synchronicities, love, insights, etc.

Yet one of the most common ailments of our society is a consciousness of lack. We tend to focus on what we don’t have or what’s not happening in our lives rather than expressing appreciation for what we do have.

The good news is that our abundance consciousness can be healed.

To help you attract and receive more abundance in the coming year, here are 10 simple acts you can add to your daily routine. Try them all and decide which ones work best for you.

    1. Be grateful – The energy of gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. When you sincerely appreciate what you have and who you are, you naturally attract more into your life for which you can be grateful. Develop an “attitude of gratitude” and make it part of who you are each day. You may find yourself smiling more.
    2. Remind yourself there’s always more – Every time you buy something, make a donation, or pay a bill, say to yourself, “There’s always more where that came from.” As you make this simple act a habit, you’ll consistently remind your subconscious (and the Universe) that you are an abundant being.
    3. Focus on what you desire (and not the lack thereof) – The Law of Attraction is not judgmental. You get what you think about whether you want it or not. If this is true, and it is, doesn’t it make sense then to think about what you do want and spend as little energy as possible thinking about what you do not want?
    4. Create an abundance jar – This is something my wife and I have been doing for several years and it’s good fun. Set aside a special jar or box to store notes about any abundances you receive throughout the year. It doesn’t matter how big or small the abundance is. Just make a note, fold it up and put in in your special container. At the end of the year, it’s very gratifying to read through all the good things that have happened to you during the year.
    5. Reflect upon your abundances at the end of the day – This is great habit to weave into your end-of-day routine. Before you go to sleep, spend a few minutes thinking about all the elements of your day for which you are grateful. Do your best to conjure feelings of gratitude. (I’ve found it’s helpful to practice deep breathing while doing this exercise.)
    6. Think about abundance as a flow of energy – Everything in life in energy. When energy flows unimpeded, life unfolds naturally and comfortably. When the flow is stifled or blocked, life can become . . . not-so-enjoyable. Whenever you think about a form of abundance that’s meaningful to you, imagine it being a flow of energy through your body and through your life. Abundance is not fixed or static. It’s a flow. And remember, “there’s always more where that came from.”
    7. Stop complaining – One of the surest ways to prevent all that you desire in life from flowing to you is to complain. It’s perfectly OK to dislike something. That’s how you discern what you want from what you don’t. But adding energy to your dislikes by complaining about them is like putting up an electric fence around your life to keep abundance at bay. There is no value whatsoever in complaining about your boss, the weather, your neighbors, the government, or the price of anything. Do yourself a huge favor. Stop complaining. Period.
    8. Keep a $100 (or £100 or  €100 or ¥10,000) bill in your wallet at all times – This might feel a little hokey, but it works. Keep a large bill—in whatever denomination works best for you—in your wallet at all times but do not spend it. Every time you open your wallet and see that bill, you’ll remind yourself (and the Universe) that you are abundant, that money is a never-ending flow of energy, and that there is always more abundance making its way to you. I used this method for a couple of years and definitely noticed a positive shift in my abundance consciousness.
    9. Celebrate other people’s abundances – When good things happen to other people, the best thing you can do is to honor and celebrate their abundance. The worst thing you can do is to feel jealous, compare yourself to them, and think thoughts of lack in your own life. When you feel good about other people’s good fortune, you invite more wonderful things into your own life.
    10. Spend more time in nature – This may seem somewhat counterintuitive, but think about it. When you imagine life on earth without humans, it’s easy to see the inherent, infinite abundance in the natural world. Plants and trees and animals around the globe survive and thrive without our destructive intervention. There is an indescribable power emanating from the sun, the moon, the mountains, rivers, oceans and all living things. So, the more time you spend immersed in nature, the more you’ll begin to resonate with the fundamental vibration of abundance in all life.

Nature is infinitely abundant2015 can be an amazing year for you. By shifting your thinking and taking some simple daily steps, you can create a life of greater joy, fulfillment, love and abundance. I know you can.

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Lemurian Healing practitioners and teachers take a big step towards mastery

I love it when things turn out better than expected.

As a teacher and workshop facilitator, I can tell you it takes a lot of energy and effort to create a new course, especially when it’s full of new material. This time it was a Master Course for Lemurian Healing practitioners and teachers.

Although we’ve been teaching Lemurian Healing and training teachers for several years, this was the first time Mamiko and I shared mastery-level concepts and taught new healing techniques. We even introduced the group to a powerful, ancient Elven healing method that was used in Lemuria.

Teachers from all 11 graduating classes attended the Master Course and teacher training.

Teachers from all 11 graduating classes attended the Master Course and teacher training.

We not only presented a two-day Master Course for 50 practitioners, we held a day of teacher training for 40 of our certified teachers. Plus, we created a 40-page textbook just for this material. Even after all the planning preparation, we didn’t quite know what to expect.

So, what happens when you put 50 experienced healers together in a room and ask them to channel high-frequency energy?

Realities shift. Lives change. More love permeates the world. It was so powerful you could feel it just by walking into the workshop room. It was a “wow.”

IMG_7732 DSC09410
DSC09577 10444420_729444697138298_6595945714775261024_n
DSC09561 DSC09381

The response from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. They’ve been posting stories on their blogs and filling our Facebook timelines with their workshop photos and glowing reviews of their experience.

It appears our Master Course lit a fire under many of our healers. They’re excited about using the new healing techniques with clients and sharing mastery-level concepts with their students.

This Master Course experience also inspired Mamiko and me with new passion for Lemurian Healing. We’re truly looking forward to supporting our loving practitioners and teachers in 2015 and sharing Lemurian Healing with more awakening souls around the world.

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It’s Lemurian New Year and time to welcome abundance

11-11-LemurianNewYear-2014November 11 is the closest thing we have to Lemurian New Year, primarily because of the significance of the number sequence 1111. This number held a special significance in Lemuria. It’s also known as a Goddess number and a magical code from the Elven realm.

1111 has been an important key to spiritual awakening. For the last 15 years, an increasing number of people have been noticing this number sequence repeatedly and wondering why it keeps appearing to them.

What does 1111 represent? On one level it represents the four elements—earth, water, air and fire—as well as the Lemurian Goddesses associated with these elements. On another level, it signifies the four energetic bodies we all possess: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

According to ancient Lemurian numerology, the sequence 1111 reduces to the number 4 (1+1+1+1=4), which represents these four energetic bodies as well as the realm of thought.

Overall, 1111 is a code that’s awakening us to the tremendous changes taking place on this planet, a process many people are calling the Great Shift in Consciousness or simply the Shift.

A couple of months ago during meditation, my spirit guides shared with me that abundance will be a major theme in 2015. This is not just about money, although most of us would like to have more money. This is about abundance in all forms.

What types of abundance would you like to experience in the months ahead? More friends? More opportunities to travel? Better job opportunities? Increased psychic abilities? More clients? More laughter and joy? This is a perfect time to establish a clear, powerful intention to start receiving the kinds of abundance that are important to you.

The year 2015 is an “8” according to Lemurian numerology. The number 8 is the symbol for infinity ∞ turned on its side. So on one level, 2015 is about letting go of limitations and embracing the limitless abundance available to you from the Universe.

On another level the number 8 also represents the weave between the physical world and the non-physical world of spirit. During 2015, you will have a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your connections to your higher self, angels, spirit guides and other beings of light.

It is my sincere desire that your new year is filled with abundance, joy and love.


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Freeing Yourself from Fear Feels Awesome

Freeing yourself from fearThe other day my wife and I went for a swim during a thunderstorm. It felt wonderful. But on our way to the pool, I recalled the admonitions and warnings I received as a wee lad: swimming was one of the most dangerous things you could during a thunderstorm.

And yet Mamiko and I merrily went for a dip. Why? We had no fear. None whatsoever.

Neither one of us is afraid of dying. Plus, we’re both pretty confident in our understanding of our life blueprints and why we’re on this planet. And if being struck by lightning in a pool with a gorgeous view of the mountains is the exit strategy we scheduled into our life plans, then so be it. What a spectacular way to leave the Earth plane!

Most of us live in fear and it sucks. I know you know what I’m talking about.

We’re afraid it’s going to rain, afraid of arriving late, afraid of what someone might think about us. And that’s just the small stuff.

There’s the fear of losing someone, the fear of getting sick, the fear of dying. And when I use the word “fear,” I also mean doubt and worry. Those are just synonyms.

For some of us, we wake up with our worries (fears) and go to bed with them, each and every day. What an exhausting and unsatisfying way to live!

So what’s the alternative? Well, it is possible to live with very few or no fears.

I can tell you from direct, personal experience over the last 20 years that the simplest way to release your fears is to develop a wider perspective about life. Not just your life, life in general.

Once I started awakening spiritually, when I began realizing that most of life exists beyond the five physical senses, my fears started to melt away like frost in the morning sun. The big ones seemed to tumble first: the fear of death, the fear of spending my life alone, the fear that life was just a meaningless exercise in futility.

Since then I’ve been letting go of all sorts of minor fears and habits of worry. I’m not finished, of course, but I am much happier and more at peace than I was in my 30s. Freeing myself of fears has felt awesome.

I’ve learned that a fear is just a thought, and a thought can be changed. And I know that any fear can be healed, even ones we’ve held onto for decades or carried with us from previous lifetimes.

For me, learning about higher selves, the realm of spirit, and life blueprints has been the most liberating. With a larger, spiritual understanding, I know in my heart of hearts that life isn’t random. It’s a meticulous blend of exquisite planning, love, and the power of free will. There is truly nothing to fear.

Especially during thunderstorms. We get the entire pool to ourselves, at least for now.


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Afraid to change? Here’s a way to change the way you think about, well, change.

Whenever you choose to change, you have the chance to heal.You can change your life any time you choose. Right now, in this very moment, you have the power to change your life.

That sounds great, but for many of us, the word “change” is so . . . unappealing. It feels like a four-letter word.

Change can be challenging. We all know that. But the important thing to remember is that you are never trapped and helpless. You are never limited to where you are or where you have been. What’s happened in the past doesn’t matter. All that matters is the current moment, the now, because that’s all you really have.

And in this moment, indeed in every moment, you have the ability to change.

For me the experience of change is always a process of healing. Each time I choose to make a change in my life, I am releasing old ways of thinking and acting and opening myself to new ways of thinking and acting. I am making a conscious choice. I am choosing to heal.

Every big change in my life has been a journey of healing. When I decided to stop smoking (finally) after 25 years, it was a healing. When I shifted my consciousness from living a life of lack to enjoying a life of abundance, it was a healing. When I announced to the Universe I was tired of being alone and ready to share my life with a partner, I embarked upon a journey of healing.

If you’ve been wanting to make some kind of change in your life and are hesitating, try reframing how you think about it.

  1. Let go of the past. Forget about it. Let it go.
  2. Focus on your desired result. Picture the new reality you want. Think about how that new reality will look and feel to you.
  3. Consider the experience of change as a process of healing. You are freeing yourself from the way things have been and consciously inviting new circumstances into your life. You are choosing to heal.
  4. Resist the temptation to think about how the healing will come about. The “how” is up to the Universe, not you.
  5. Trust the unfolding. Once you’ve made the decision to heal, the path of healing will begin to appear for you. Trust the path. You need only take each step as it appears.

It’s possible to view everything you experience in life as a healing journey. Your life is a continuous unfolding of change on many levels.

And with each new experience, you have the opportunity to heal. You can either resist the experience or embrace it, integrate it, and use it to evolve. When you consciously choose to heal, you accelerate the process of becoming whole, of becoming who you truly are.

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A simple trick to reduce pain, prevent bruising, and heal faster than ever

Most of us have learned some form of first aid. I developed my first aid and CPR skills decades ago as a boy scout and water safety instructor.

But when I started doing healing work, I learned a completely different kind of treatment for bumps, cuts, bruises and other minor injuries. I call it “etheric first aid.”

In this three-minute video, I explain and demonstrate everything you need to know to start using this incredible healing technique in your daily life.


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A glimpse of our special healing sessions in Tokyo

Once or twice each year in Tokyo, Mamiko Maridianna and I offer a limited number of special healing sessions in which both of us work with a client at the same time.

We are always deeply touched that our clients travel from all over Japan—from Hokkaido to Okinawa, by plane, train and bus—to receive these joint healing sessions.

Here’s a short video about our private sessions that I recorded during our most recent visit to Japan.

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Why did I hurt myself… again?

27283131_backpainMamiko and I recently returned home from a working trip to Japan. Our suitcases are always heavy because we need to pack clothing for multiple events and various climates plus workshop materials, props, books, paperwork, etc.

When our regular taxi driver dropped off us at home, the last thing he said to me was, “Don’t hurt your back with those suitcases.”

Well, that’s exactly what I did. I strained all sorts of muscles in my back and hips as I carried our luggage into the house. Forty-eight hours later, I’m still healing the pain.

The question is: why did I do it?

Here’s the answer that came to me. Unconsciously, I hurt myself because I need to learn to set aside downtime after every long, demanding trip overseas.

Usually, I jump right back to my email inbox and project list the day after I get home. I fight my way through jet lag and never give myself ample time to rest and recover. In the process I create stress for myself.

My wife, by comparison, is a pro at travel recovery. She always gives herself plenty of days to rest before getting back to work. She listens to her body and acts accordingly. She doesn’t get stressed at all.

When we returned home this week, my higher self really wanted me to learn a lesson about self-care. Believe me, I’m paying attention.

Whenever we catch a cold or hurt ourselves, it’s never a random event. Rather, the Universe is trying to get our attention. Our bodies are attempting to communicate with us. Our higher selves want us to notice something and think about it. They are urging us to alter our old patterns of thought and behavior and evolve.

Most of the time, the key message is to rest and release stress. We need to take a pause in our busy lives and allow ourselves to heal.

When we get sick or injure ourselves, the challenge is to listen closely to the subtle messages being sent to us and not fight against our bodies or the higher forces at play. While it’s often hard to accept, the truth is that everything that happens in our lives, happens for our benefit. Everything.

So, this time I’m listening. Yesterday, I spent the majority of my day in bed, resting and meditating. Today, I’m doing a handful of work-related tasks and then continuing to rest. I am determined to learn this lesson about self-care and pay close attention to what I need physically, mentally and emotionally.

I need to rest, and that’s what I intend to do.

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Why teach healing?

Today at lunch Mamiko asked me why I still enjoyed teaching Lemurian Healing. We’ve been teaching for many years now, and it always takes a significant effort to travel abroad and present our workshops. It was a great question.

When I think back to my early experiences as a healer, I have very fond memories. I loved the process of discovery, had a lot of fun, and enjoyed meeting kindred souls along the way. Healing was my pathway to true spiritual awakening.


Through healing I recalled past lives for the first time. I started interacting regularly with non-physical guides and angels. And I developed my psychic abilities. Healing changed my life for the better and forever expanded my view of life, the universe, and everything. And healing allowed me to experience love in new ways.

So this is how I answered Mamiko: I enjoy creating those same kind of once-in-a-lifetime experiences for others.


Participants practicing remote healing across the room from their partners.

During the last four days in Tokyo, that’s exactly what we did with our Lemurian Healing basic and certification level workshops. We created a safe space for people to experience love and healing and self-discovery in ways they never get to in their daily lives.

There were tears and laughter. Old soul friends reconnected. New friendships blossomed. Participants discovered abilities and aptitudes they never knew they had. And of course a lot of healing took place. Participants released old fears and hurts and limitations and allowed themselves to receive more love—from their fellow healers and from their higher selves.


Healing, as with everything in life, is about love. Experiencing more love. Learning how to share love. And finding the courage to love ourselves.

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