Here’s one more habit you can do without…

david_bower_0251r-2A truly magical thing happens when you give up the habit of criticism: you stop attracting people and situations that bother you. Criticizing is a learned behavior, a habit, just like smoking cigarettes. And you can break the habit anytime you choose. And once you do, you start to create a more joyful, abundant life experience for yourself.

There is no great mystery here. What you put out into the Universe is what the Universe delivers back to you. You can break the habit of criticism. I know you can. You can start simply by setting your intent to catch yourself whenever to slip into “critical mode” and then choose a different behavior.

As you catch yourself more frequently, it will become easier to consciously give up being critical… of your co-workers, your neighbors, people you see on TV, your family members and, most importantly, yourself.

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What is healing?

5767840_mThe words “health,” “healthy” and “healing” in English find their roots in older words meaning “whole.”

At the most basic level, healing is the process of becoming whole. For each of us that process of becoming whole is unique. Today, I may be healing a cut on my finger while you may be healing from an argument with your spouse. My neighbor may be healing from cancer and the damage caused by the cancer treatments she’s receiving. Your best friend may be healing through the trauma of abuse suffered as a child.

A lot of healing happens automatically. Every night while we sleep, our tissues and organs are repairing and replacing damaged cells. Our minds are processing thoughts and emotions from the day. Without our conscious participation, we are constantly healing. We are constantly seeking balance and wholeness and harmony.

Here’s another way of looking at it. Healing is the process of integrating all of our experiences—both physical and non-physical—on our path to becoming whole. It’s a dynamic process that changes daily.

Here are some of the healing challenges we may be facing each day:

  • Toxins we put into our bodies through food, drink and body-care products
  • Bumps, cuts, scrapes and bruises
  • Emotionally painful experiences
  • Fears we acquired as children but still manifest in our adult lives
  • Arguments we’ve had with family, friends or co-workers
  • Injuries, dis-ease or chronic pain
  • Traumatic past-life experiences

Clearly, healing is not an isolated experience that occurs now and then. Healing is a life-long journey. In my own life and in working with clients over the years, I have learned that when we embrace healing as a journey, the path to “becoming whole” becomes clearer to see and easier to walk. And when we choose to consciously and actively engage in our own healing, the journey of healing can become much more joyful and fulfilling.

Here are are few questions to ponder. Are you aware of all the healing you’re experiencing each day? Has your body been trying to get your attention? Have you been ignoring it? What messages are your negative emotions sending to you? Is there an area of your life that could use more of your loving attention on the path to healing?

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What’s the secret password? Lemuria.


The first time I heard the word “Lemuria” many years ago, I had no idea what it was, but I felt something shift inside of me. The word felt familiar. I had read the legends of Atlantis and how it had sank into the sea, but this was the first time I was hearing about an even older civilization and continent, situated somewhere in what we now call the Pacific Ocean, that has also slipped beneath the sea.

Over the years it’s become clear to me that “Lemuria” acts as a code word for many people. When they read it or hear it spoken, something gets switched on in their consciousness, in their DNA.

What does this magic word trigger? Precious memories. Deep feelings of love. Connection.

Many of us have had one or more lifetimes in ancient Lemuria, which is probably the closest thing to heaven-on-earth we’ve ever experienced. The name unlocks our memories and our connections to those previous lifetimes. It expands our awareness and grants us access to ancient wisdom.

Lemuria is a doorway to divine love. It reminds us that it is possible to live in pure joy, from our hearts, in harmony. Lemuria helps us reconnect to our source, and that source is love.

In one of our early Lemurian Healing workshops, one of the attendees was an 80-year-old kendo master and Buddhist priest. He said, “I have no idea what Lemuria is or why I am here, but I saw the advertisement and I knew I had to come.” We’ve heard similar stories from housewives and office workers, aromatherapy practitioners and yoga teachers. For many people, once they see or hear the word Lemuria, their lives begin to change, and Lemurian Healing becomes an important part of their spiritual awakening.

Does the name “Lemuria” feel familiar to you? As you read the word or speak it out loud, what thoughts or feelings come to the surface? It may be that Lemuria is not only part of your past, it’s an important part of your future.

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Lemurian Healing goes international with workshops in the UK

Our first-ever Lemurian Healing workshops in the UK earlier this month unfolded better than we could have ever expected. Over the course of four days in Glastonbury, England (site of the ancient and mystical realm of Avalon), our international group of passionate participants opened their hearts to Lemurian love and light and experienced the power and simplicity of Lemurian Healing.


Even on the first morning Mamiko and I felt that something special was unfolding. As we took turns introducing ourselves around the circle, it was clear that everyone had a strong connection to ancient Lemuria. Each participant shared a different story of feeling compelled to join these workshops, even though they had no idea who we were. Until this visit, we had had no reputation outside of Japan. In fact this was our first attempt at teaching Lemurian Healing to an English-speaking audience!

This reunion of Lemurian souls was a true international gathering. Our participants hailed from the UK, Hungary, Japan and Ukraine. And Marion, our priestess friend and local host, is originally from the Netherlands.


The group picked up the basics of Lemurian Healing quickly as they practiced each new component with one other. A great deal of healing, awakening and re-connecting took place during our four days together.

Here are a few of the wonderful comments we received from participants:

“Thank you for bringing this beautifully heart-centered Lemurian Healing course to the UK!”

“Lemurian energy is really powerful. And you teach it so lovingly!”

“This is the best thing I’ve done in my life.”

We were blessed to be able to hold our workshops at the famous Chalice Well in Glastonbury, Somerset. Last summer when Mamiko and I made our first pilgrimage to Glastonbury, we fell in love with the beauty and energy of the Chalice Well gardens and spent as much time there as we could. The energies of the sacred springs that flow through this area create a perfect environment for healing work, especially Lemurian Healing.

We thoroughly enjoyed the meeting space at the Chalice Well. The ceiling and wall windows made us feel like we were outside in the middle of the gardens.

Everyone’s enthusiasm for Lemurian Healing in Glastonbury took us a little by surprise. When we planned this visit to Avalon, we weren’t sure if a Western audience was going to resonate with our healing modality or the way in which we teach it. Thankfully, everyone enjoyed the experience of working with us, connecting with each other, and opening themselves to the ancient healing wisdom of Lemuria.

Even before the workshops were finished, people were asking us when we planned to return. And they weren’t just interested in Lemurian Healing. Mamiko’s oracle card deck, Angel Cards, and her knowledge of Lemurian Goddesses and Goddess temples had also inspired them.

And so, from this modest gathering in Glastonbury, we will trust wherever the path leads us. At the very least, we now feel more confident about sharing Lemurian Healing—and related topics—with audiences around the world.

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