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What 20 years of healing has taught me about life (and death) and the invisible realms

Lemurian Healing session

When I think back over my experiences as a healer over the last 20 years, I’m truly humbled.

Thousands of people have trusted me to assist them in their healing journeys. And for that my heart is filled with gratitude.

Healing has guided me to awaken spiritually and helped me become who I truly am. It has opened my eyes and opened my heart.

I discovered healing in my mid-30s. Eventually, I realized I had been a healer in other lifetimes.

Re-discovering healing in this lifetime was my shortcut to spiritual awakening. It also set me on the path to fulfilling my life’s work, which is to help people awaken spiritually, heal, and prepare for global ascension.

In this article, I share some of the experiences I cherish as a Lemurian Healing practitioner and master teacher.

I’ve seen people completely transform themselves and their lives

Until I started doing healing work, I didn’t think people could change dramatically, at least not in a positive direction.

As a healer, I’ve witnessed hundreds of people experience tremendous shifts in their lives, like caterpillars transforming into beautiful butterflies.

  • I’ve seen people fully recover from surgery in half the time expected by doctors.
  • I’ve seen people who were nervous, self-doubting, and struggling financially change into people who are now strong, joyful, confident and financially abundant (that includes me!).
  • I’ve seen people “miraculously” heal from serious physical conditions.
  • I’ve seen people change terrible relationships into ones with more loving, respectful interactions.
  • I’ve seen people overcome their greatest fears and create new lives filled with freedom and joy.
  • I’ve seen people make some of their biggest dreams come true.

Seeing my clients and students become healthier, happier and more inspired is one of the greatest gifts I’ve received as a healer.

I’ve helped people leave this physical world

When my father transitioned back into the non-physical realm, I was honored to be able to assist him.

At his bedside in the hospital, I used healing techniques to create a safe space and help his spirit leave his physical body, gently and gracefully.

Over the years I’ve helped many people prepare to leave the physical world. These are the times when healing work has felt the most sacred and loving to me.

And here’s something interesting. Through healing work, I’ve learned that what we call dying is actually a birthing back into the light. It’s a completely liberating experience for our human selves.

From our higher selves’ point of view, being born into the density of a physical body is more like death.

The non-physical realms have been my greatest teachers

When I teach Lemurian Healing, I usually tell students the only way to become a good healer is to practice, practice, practice. “The energy is your best teacher,” I say to them.

This maxim was true for me 20 years ago and it’s still true today. I learn the most from the non-physical energies I work with and from the non-physical beings who guide and assist me.

For example, when I do healing sessions, I often work with a person’s chakras (energy centers). Chakras have helped me learn how to sense energies I could not see and how to balance someone’s energy in their physical body and in their aura.

One of my most memorable learning experiences was giving a healing session to an infant who was born prematurely.

She was in a special incubator in the hospital, and because she was so small, I couldn’t use the healing hand positions I normally used on adults. I could only send energy through the tips of my index fingers.

This tiny infant’s auric field was incredibly powerful and dynamic. It felt like pure electricity.

Each time I touched her chakras, her energy field would shift almost instantaneously. Her unique energy taught me several valuable lessons about healing that day.

My higher self and spirit guides have guided me through every healing session I’ve ever done, and they’ve helped me develop my skills and techniques as a healer.

Even during my first week as a healing volunteer in my local hospital, my guides were telling me where to place my hands and how to breathe as I did each session!

As you can probably feel, I love doing healing work.

And if you’ve read this entire article, chances are you’re a healer, too.

If your heart is telling you you’re a healer, don’t ignore that loving voice.

The world needs your love and your unique light in whatever forms you choose to share it.


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How to get the most from your energy healing session

energy healing session

You’ve finally you booked an energy healing session with that practitioner you found. Now what? Well for starters, don’t expect your healer to do all the work.

What!? Isn’t that what I’m paying for?

Here’s a secret: All healing is self-healing. And the more you consciously participate in your own healing process, the more satisfied you’ll be with the results.

Ultimately, you are the only one who can heal your physical body. You are the only one who can heal your relationships, eliminate your abundance issues, get over a broken heart, or think yourself out of depression.

Medical professionals, energy healers, therapists and shamans can all apply their tools and techniques to assist you in your healing journey, but only you can heal you. Whatever level of healing you achieve in this life is up to you.

Now, with that in mind I’d like to share some practical advice for getting the most out your healing sessions. I’ve been doing healing work for more than 15 years, and this is the advice I still give to my clients.

1. Establish a clear intent for your healing session

TIP: If you’re only going read one part of this article, read this one!

Going into a healing session without a clear purpose is like getting into a taxi and not telling the driver where you want to go. The driver can start driving (with the meter running, of course), but without a clear destination it just becomes a pleasant yet somewhat meaningless drive around town.

Get clear about your healing goals. Think about what you want to change or achieve in your life.

Do you want to get rid of a particular fear? Are you having money problems and want to attract more abundance? Is there a relationship you need to heal or let go? Is your goal to overcome an illness or disease?

Whatever you want to achieve, do your best to picture your desired outcome clearly. Don’t focus on the problem and how you got there. That’s old news. Focus instead on the ideal outcome. Envision the future reality you truly want to experience.

Picture your healing outcome in as much detail as possible. Imagine how you’ll feel in your new state of being.

And please write it down. Or type it. The important thing is to get it out of your head and onto the page. The act of writing out your healing intent accomplishes two things. It helps you achieve better clarity, and it starts to bring your desire into manifestation.

I can feel the questions brewing in your mind. Here’s a little Q&A.

What if I’m not exactly clear about my focus for the healing session?

That’s perfectly OK. Make some notes and discuss it with your practitioner.

Many people have a general idea about what they want, and the clarity comes once they start discussing it with someone. A good practitioner will listen carefully and help you establish a clear, mutual focus for your healing session.

What if I have no idea what to focus on?

This scenario is fairly common, especially with first-time clients. If you have no clue where to start, think about one significant change you’d really like to make in your life.

And here’s a potent question to ask yourself: What is the single biggest source of stress in my life? For most people, the answer to this question provides the perfect focus for a healing session—or a series of healings.

In healing, as in every aspect of life, the more focus and clarity you have about what you want, the more successful you’ll be.

2. Show up relaxed and well-rested

Chances are you’re not receiving regular weekly healing sessions. So, the session you’ve booked is kind of a big deal. Don’t waste it.

Energy healing works with subtle, non-physical energies, which means it’s hard for you to receive the full benefits of a healing session when you’re overly tired, tensed or stressed.

Do your best to get a good night’s rest before your scheduled session. And add a little extra time to your travel schedule to ensure that you can show up on time rather than rush around and get stressed about being late.

3. Do some deep breathing at the outset of the session

Your healing practitioner will most likely chat with you at the beginning of a session to understand you goals, explain the session format, and answer your questions.

Once the actual energy work begins, you’ll want to close your eyes and become as relaxed and receptive as possible. Deep breathing is the easiest way to do this.

Inhale slowly, gently and deeply through your nose, filling your lungs as fully as you can. As you exhale, use your intent to let go of any tension you feel in your body. Continue breathing deeply, feeling your body become more relaxed with each breath.

3. Enlist the help of your higher self, guides and angels

After a few cycles of deep breathing, silently call upon the non-physical realms to assist in your healing. In your thoughts, consciously enlist the support of your higher self and any spirit beings, angels or deities you’re comfortable calling upon. Tell them your intended goals for your healing and thank them for their participation.

In all the years of my practice, I have never done a healing session without the participation of non-physical beings. They always show up, even without an explicit invitation. However, I have found that their support can be much more effective when they are consciously, clearly and sincerely called upon to assist.

4. Be serious about your post-session self-care

The effects and benefits of an energy healing don’t end when the session is over.

Energy healing helps you release old thoughts, emotions, and energetic patterns that no longer serve you and allows you to integrate new, higher vibrating frequencies on multiple levels—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This process takes time and usually unfolds in the days following a session, especially when you’re asleep. To help you receive the highest good from your healing session, it’s best to give yourself some extra TLC.

Listen to your body. Take it easy. Be gentle with yourself.

Energy healing can stir up all sorts of things. So don’t be alarmed if you experience some physical discomfort in the hours or days following a healing session.

You may not experience any discomfort at all. However, common symptoms can include headaches, abdominal cramps, feeling heavy or tired, body aches, low fever, or feeling the urge to go to the bathroom more often than usual. Buried emotions such as sadness, regret or anger can also come to the surface.

If you experience any of these reactions, remind yourself that this is all very common and simply part of the healing process. Typically, any physical or emotional symptoms should dissipate in a couple of days.

Here are my top four post-session, self-care tips:

  • Drink lots of pure, fresh water, especially in the hours following your session. Plain water is best, although mild herbal teas are fine, too. You want to keep your body hydrated and fluids moving through you.
  • Rest and relax. Ideally, you’d be able to take a nap immediately after a session. If this isn’t practical, do your best to take it easy the rest of the day following your session. Avoid crowds and harsh environments. Sleep as much as you can.
  • Take a bath. A warm, relaxing bath can help you release stagnant energies that were stirred up during your healing session. Picture the water helping you release this old stuff you no longer need. And as you drain your bathtub, imagine all the old energy disappearing down the drain and out of your life.
  • Be careful about what you put into your body. If you really want to enjoy all the benefits of your healing session, eat light and be very discerning about what you put into your body. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, heavy foods (such as meat), refined sugar and highly processed foods.

Healing is a life-long journey. Once we heal one facet of our lives, another facet comes to the surface for our attention, love and healing.

And although we each have the potential to heal ourselves in every way, I don’t believe we’re meant to do it alone. Part of the human adventure is learning to ask for help and allowing others to assist us.

Yet, even when we seek out the services of energy healers and other practitioners, we need to consciously take responsibility for our own healing. Hopefully, the guidance I’ve shared in this article will help you experience the best possible outcomes from your healing sessions.


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Registration opens for UK workshops


Registrations are now being accepted for our Lemurian Healing workshops in the UK this August. All the workshop details, including access to the registration form, are available here.

Lemurian Healing Basic Level Course
August 8-9, 2015 (Sat-Sun)

Lemurian Healing Certified Practitioner Course
August 10-11, 2015 (Mon-Tue)

Both workshops will be held at the Goddess Hall in Glastonbury, Somerset.

Don’t hesitate. Seating is limited and interest in these workshops has grown since last year. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Do you think you may be interested in teaching Lemurian Healing?

Certified teacher training for Lemurian Healing is offered only in Hawaii, and the first-ever teachers’ course to be presented in English will be held this coming October 19-21.

If you complete the Certified Practitioner Course in Glastonbury in August, you are eligible to attend the three-day teacher training course in Lemuria (Honolulu, Hawaii) this year.

If this is an option you may want to consider, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Are you an experienced healing practitioner?

The weekend following their Lemurian Healing Basic and Certified Practitioner workshops, David and Mamiko will be presenting their first UK Master Course in Glastonbury.

Lemurian Healing Master Course – Level 1
August 15-16, 2015 (Sat-Sun)

If you’re an experienced healer and are interested in joining this Master Level Course after completing the Certified Practitioner Course, please contact us for details.

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2015 Lemurian Healing Workshops in English


We’re excited to announce new Lemurian Healing workshops in English for 2015. This might not sound like a big deal, but we’ve been teaching mainly in Japanese these last eight years, and we’re starting to spread our reach around the world.

Last year Mamiko and I travelled half-way around the globe from Hawaii to Glastonbury, UK to present our first Lemurian Healing workshops to an English-speaking audience. The reception we experienced was better than we ever imagined. We certified 10 passionate Lemurian Healing practitioners, including healers from Ukraine, Hungary and the Netherlands. Plus, we discovered there are many people in Europe who feel a connection with Lemuria and are interested in learning Lemurian Healing.

So, riding the momentum of last year, we’ve just confirmed dates and venues for English-language workshops in the UK and Hawaii. Mark your calendars!

Learn the Basics

Anyone can learn Lemurian Healing. It’s simple, powerful and requires no prior experience. This is a fun, hands-on, two-day workshop that teaches you the underlying basics of Lemurian Healing and how to do a complete healing session on family and friends (and yourself).

Lemurian Healing Basic Level Course
8-9 August, 2015 (Sat-Sun)
Goddess Hall, Glastonbury UK

Become a Certified Practitioner

Immediately following the Basic Level Course, we’re offering an additional two-day workshop for those wishing to become certified Lemurian Healing practitioners. In addition to learning advanced techniques, such as long-distance healing and toning, you’ll gain practical experience in working with clients before, during and after a Lemurian Healing session.

Lemurian Healing Certified Practitioner Course
10-11 August, 2015 (Mon-Tue)
Goddess Hall, Glastonbury UK

Experience the Teachers’ Course in Lemuria

Since we first offered teacher training in Hawaii six years ago, at least half the attendees have had no initial intention of becoming teachers. They come because they know it will be a transformative, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We hold this three-day workshop in Hawaii because the Lemurian energy here is undeniably strong (these islands are the ancient mountaintops of Lemuria). Through sacred ceremonies, we help participants awaken the light of Lemuria in their hearts.

If you become a Certified Practitioner in Glastonbury in August, you’ll be eligible to attend this special workshop in October.

Lemurian Healing Teachers’ Course
19-21 October, 2015 (Mon-Wed)
Ala Moana Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii

Details about workshop pricing (especially early-bird pricing for the UK) and registration will be posted soon. Stay tuned!


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Three (easier) alternatives to New Year’s resolutions

2015 New Years resolutions

We’re just a couple of weeks into the New Year, and by now the majority of folks who’ve made new years resolutions are either struggling to hang onto them or have just plain given up.

Why? Because if you’re like most people, the act of declaring bold “resolutions” at the outset of a new year is an unpleasant, inefficient way of trying to change your life. And deep down inside you know it.

The only reason we ever do anything—I mean absolutely anything in life—is that we believe on some level that doing it will make us feel good, or at least make us feel better in our current circumstance. It’s the reason behind our resolution to eliminate sugar and dairy from our diet this year. It’s also the reason we’ll blow off that resolution and eat an entire pint of Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond tonight.

We want to feel good. We want to feel safe, empowered, capable, comfortable. We want to connect and belong and feel valuable.

Do resolutions do that for us? Well, for the vast majority of us, no.

Most resolutions feel like “should’s,” like a stern parent telling us what to do. I will exercise 30 minutes every day (because I know I should). I will quit smoking (because everyone says I should). I will eat healthier (because I know I should). Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Who wants to be told what to do, especially when the bottom-line truth is that we’re uncomfortable with change?

If you really want to begin making meaningful changes in your life, here are a few easier and more effective alternatives you can use right away.

Choose a compelling keyword (or two) for the year.

This is a simple way of bringing more of a certain quality into your life. Choose a keyword that inspires you, that feels aspirational, such as compassion, confidence, patience, forgiveness, generosity, boldness, self-care, or commitment. You could also choose a word or phrase that reminds you of what’s important to you this year, such as “me first,” “family time,” “I am a writer” or “no fear.” Post your keyword or phrase in places where you’ll see it daily.

Stop thinking about changes and start focusing on choices.

Change, or at least the thought of change, is uncomfortable for most of us. So instead of “resolving” to make a major change in your life, such as eating healthier, try breaking up the process into bite-size bits.

  • First, simply set your intent to make healthier eating choices more frequently. This lets you off the hook of expecting to transform your life once and forever beginning with today’s lunch.
  • As you move through your daily routine, do your best to make choices that align with your intent. So, for lunch today you could choose to have a side salad instead of French fries. Whenever you make a choice or decision in alignment with your intent, give yourself a high-five. Give yourself credit for consciously making the choice. Allow yourself to feel good about it. Eventually, all the small choices you make will start adding up to a larger shift. Let the process gain its own momentum.
  • However, do not berate yourself for making choices that don’t align with your stated intent. This is probably the most important consideration of all. If you feel like eating French fries and forgo the side salad, don’t judge yourself or make yourself feel wrong. That’s the worst thing you can do. Instead, make the choice, be comfortable with it, and enjoy your fries! You’ll have another opportunity to make a choice very soon.

As you focus on individual daily choices rather than sweeping life changes, you’ll probably discover your life evolving without much effort or drama.

Try healing your underlying resistance to change.

Oftentimes we feel the urge to make a change in our lifestyle, career or daily routine but we feel stuck. It feels like we’re getting in our own way, as if we’re blocking or sabotaging the very thing we desire to be, do or have. In many cases these blocks are emotional and mental energies that built up when we were younger or they’re residual energy patterns we carried over from previous lifetimes.

You have the ability to heal the resistances you feel. Energy healing sessions can be a gentle, effective way of clearing these blockages. I have found in my own healing journey and in working with clients over the years that these blockages are not necessarily deep or traumatic and can clear quite rapidly.

And yet we are complex beings. As we heal one component of our lives, other issues and blockages often come to the surface. The good news is that as we bring more awareness to our ongoing process of healing, the journey becomes easier and easier.

Energy healing modalities, such as Lemurian Healing, can help us dissolve fears, heal past traumas, and release blockages that are keeping us from moving forward. Once the resistance clears, we can feel more focused and empowered to create the life changes we truly wish to experience.


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Are your beliefs not working? Change them.

if your beliefs aren't working, change them.

You can stop taking your beliefs so seriously. Seriously. A belief is simply a thought you think over and over again. It’s just a thought, and thoughts can be changed. It’s your choice.

If you ever start feeling that a belief no longer serves you, replace it. Choose a new thought that FEELS better and start thinking that one over and over again (finding one that feels better is the key).

Which of the following beliefs feels better to you? “Life is a struggle and success only comes from hard work and sacrifice” or “Life unfolds easily for me. My needs are met and my dreams come true effortlessly.”

See what I mean?

We often believe that our beliefs are like concrete, fixed and permanent. But here’s a new thought to ponder: even concrete can be broken apart, ground to dust and replaced with something else.

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Satisfied with your abundance consciousness? 10 tips for attracting more of what you want

abundance comes in many forms
The momentum of the new moon and the winter solstice on December 21 will propel us into the New Year. And as I’ve posted on Facebook and in this blog, 2015 promises to be a year of abundance in many forms—money, joy, opportunities, synchronicities, love, insights, etc.

Yet one of the most common ailments of our society is a consciousness of lack. We tend to focus on what we don’t have or what’s not happening in our lives rather than expressing appreciation for what we do have.

The good news is that our abundance consciousness can be healed.

To help you attract and receive more abundance in the coming year, here are 10 simple acts you can add to your daily routine. Try them all and decide which ones work best for you.

    1. Be grateful – The energy of gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. When you sincerely appreciate what you have and who you are, you naturally attract more into your life for which you can be grateful. Develop an “attitude of gratitude” and make it part of who you are each day. You may find yourself smiling more.
    2. Remind yourself there’s always more – Every time you buy something, make a donation, or pay a bill, say to yourself, “There’s always more where that came from.” As you make this simple act a habit, you’ll consistently remind your subconscious (and the Universe) that you are an abundant being.
    3. Focus on what you desire (and not the lack thereof) – The Law of Attraction is not judgmental. You get what you think about whether you want it or not. If this is true, and it is, doesn’t it make sense then to think about what you do want and spend as little energy as possible thinking about what you do not want?
    4. Create an abundance jar – This is something my wife and I have been doing for several years and it’s good fun. Set aside a special jar or box to store notes about any abundances you receive throughout the year. It doesn’t matter how big or small the abundance is. Just make a note, fold it up and put in in your special container. At the end of the year, it’s very gratifying to read through all the good things that have happened to you during the year.
    5. Reflect upon your abundances at the end of the day – This is great habit to weave into your end-of-day routine. Before you go to sleep, spend a few minutes thinking about all the elements of your day for which you are grateful. Do your best to conjure feelings of gratitude. (I’ve found it’s helpful to practice deep breathing while doing this exercise.)
    6. Think about abundance as a flow of energy – Everything in life in energy. When energy flows unimpeded, life unfolds naturally and comfortably. When the flow is stifled or blocked, life can become . . . not-so-enjoyable. Whenever you think about a form of abundance that’s meaningful to you, imagine it being a flow of energy through your body and through your life. Abundance is not fixed or static. It’s a flow. And remember, “there’s always more where that came from.”
    7. Stop complaining – One of the surest ways to prevent all that you desire in life from flowing to you is to complain. It’s perfectly OK to dislike something. That’s how you discern what you want from what you don’t. But adding energy to your dislikes by complaining about them is like putting up an electric fence around your life to keep abundance at bay. There is no value whatsoever in complaining about your boss, the weather, your neighbors, the government, or the price of anything. Do yourself a huge favor. Stop complaining. Period.
    8. Keep a $100 (or £100 or  €100 or ¥10,000) bill in your wallet at all times – This might feel a little hokey, but it works. Keep a large bill—in whatever denomination works best for you—in your wallet at all times but do not spend it. Every time you open your wallet and see that bill, you’ll remind yourself (and the Universe) that you are abundant, that money is a never-ending flow of energy, and that there is always more abundance making its way to you. I used this method for a couple of years and definitely noticed a positive shift in my abundance consciousness.
    9. Celebrate other people’s abundances – When good things happen to other people, the best thing you can do is to honor and celebrate their abundance. The worst thing you can do is to feel jealous, compare yourself to them, and think thoughts of lack in your own life. When you feel good about other people’s good fortune, you invite more wonderful things into your own life.
    10. Spend more time in nature – This may seem somewhat counterintuitive, but think about it. When you imagine life on earth without humans, it’s easy to see the inherent, infinite abundance in the natural world. Plants and trees and animals around the globe survive and thrive without our destructive intervention. There is an indescribable power emanating from the sun, the moon, the mountains, rivers, oceans and all living things. So, the more time you spend immersed in nature, the more you’ll begin to resonate with the fundamental vibration of abundance in all life.

Nature is infinitely abundant2015 can be an amazing year for you. By shifting your thinking and taking some simple daily steps, you can create a life of greater joy, fulfillment, love and abundance. I know you can.

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Lemurian Healing practitioners and teachers take a big step towards mastery

I love it when things turn out better than expected.

As a teacher and workshop facilitator, I can tell you it takes a lot of energy and effort to create a new course, especially when it’s full of new material. This time it was a Master Course for Lemurian Healing practitioners and teachers.

Although we’ve been teaching Lemurian Healing and training teachers for several years, this was the first time Mamiko and I shared mastery-level concepts and taught new healing techniques. We even introduced the group to a powerful, ancient Elven healing method that was used in Lemuria.

Teachers from all 11 graduating classes attended the Master Course and teacher training.

Teachers from all 11 graduating classes attended the Master Course and teacher training.

We not only presented a two-day Master Course for 50 practitioners, we held a day of teacher training for 40 of our certified teachers. Plus, we created a 40-page textbook just for this material. Even after all the planning preparation, we didn’t quite know what to expect.

So, what happens when you put 50 experienced healers together in a room and ask them to channel high-frequency energy?

Realities shift. Lives change. More love permeates the world. It was so powerful you could feel it just by walking into the workshop room. It was a “wow.”

IMG_7732 DSC09410
DSC09577 10444420_729444697138298_6595945714775261024_n
DSC09561 DSC09381

The response from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. They’ve been posting stories on their blogs and filling our Facebook timelines with their workshop photos and glowing reviews of their experience.

It appears our Master Course lit a fire under many of our healers. They’re excited about using the new healing techniques with clients and sharing mastery-level concepts with their students.

This Master Course experience also inspired Mamiko and me with new passion for Lemurian Healing. We’re truly looking forward to supporting our loving practitioners and teachers in 2015 and sharing Lemurian Healing with more awakening souls around the world.

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Freeing Yourself from Fear Feels Awesome

Freeing yourself from fearThe other day my wife and I went for a swim during a thunderstorm. It felt wonderful. But on our way to the pool, I recalled the admonitions and warnings I received as a wee lad: swimming was one of the most dangerous things you could during a thunderstorm.

And yet Mamiko and I merrily went for a dip. Why? We had no fear. None whatsoever.

Neither one of us is afraid of dying. Plus, we’re both pretty confident in our understanding of our life blueprints and why we’re on this planet. And if being struck by lightning in a pool with a gorgeous view of the mountains is the exit strategy we scheduled into our life plans, then so be it. What a spectacular way to leave the Earth plane!

Most of us live in fear and it sucks. I know you know what I’m talking about.

We’re afraid it’s going to rain, afraid of arriving late, afraid of what someone might think about us. And that’s just the small stuff.

There’s the fear of losing someone, the fear of getting sick, the fear of dying. And when I use the word “fear,” I also mean doubt and worry. Those are just synonyms.

For some of us, we wake up with our worries (fears) and go to bed with them, each and every day. What an exhausting and unsatisfying way to live!

So what’s the alternative? Well, it is possible to live with very few or no fears.

I can tell you from direct, personal experience over the last 20 years that the simplest way to release your fears is to develop a wider perspective about life. Not just your life, life in general.

Once I started awakening spiritually, when I began realizing that most of life exists beyond the five physical senses, my fears started to melt away like frost in the morning sun. The big ones seemed to tumble first: the fear of death, the fear of spending my life alone, the fear that life was just a meaningless exercise in futility.

Since then I’ve been letting go of all sorts of minor fears and habits of worry. I’m not finished, of course, but I am much happier and more at peace than I was in my 30s. Freeing myself of fears has felt awesome.

I’ve learned that a fear is just a thought, and a thought can be changed. And I know that any fear can be healed, even ones we’ve held onto for decades or carried with us from previous lifetimes.

For me, learning about higher selves, the realm of spirit, and life blueprints has been the most liberating. With a larger, spiritual understanding, I know in my heart of hearts that life isn’t random. It’s a meticulous blend of exquisite planning, love, and the power of free will. There is truly nothing to fear.

Especially during thunderstorms. We get the entire pool to ourselves, at least for now.


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Afraid to change? Here’s a way to change the way you think about, well, change.

Whenever you choose to change, you have the chance to heal.You can change your life any time you choose. Right now, in this very moment, you have the power to change your life.

That sounds great, but for many of us, the word “change” is so . . . unappealing. It feels like a four-letter word.

Change can be challenging. We all know that. But the important thing to remember is that you are never trapped and helpless. You are never limited to where you are or where you have been. What’s happened in the past doesn’t matter. All that matters is the current moment, the now, because that’s all you really have.

And in this moment, indeed in every moment, you have the ability to change.

For me the experience of change is always a process of healing. Each time I choose to make a change in my life, I am releasing old ways of thinking and acting and opening myself to new ways of thinking and acting. I am making a conscious choice. I am choosing to heal.

Every big change in my life has been a journey of healing. When I decided to stop smoking (finally) after 25 years, it was a healing. When I shifted my consciousness from living a life of lack to enjoying a life of abundance, it was a healing. When I announced to the Universe I was tired of being alone and ready to share my life with a partner, I embarked upon a journey of healing.

If you’ve been wanting to make some kind of change in your life and are hesitating, try reframing how you think about it.

  1. Let go of the past. Forget about it. Let it go.
  2. Focus on your desired result. Picture the new reality you want. Think about how that new reality will look and feel to you.
  3. Consider the experience of change as a process of healing. You are freeing yourself from the way things have been and consciously inviting new circumstances into your life. You are choosing to heal.
  4. Resist the temptation to think about how the healing will come about. The “how” is up to the Universe, not you.
  5. Trust the unfolding. Once you’ve made the decision to heal, the path of healing will begin to appear for you. Trust the path. You need only take each step as it appears.

It’s possible to view everything you experience in life as a healing journey. Your life is a continuous unfolding of change on many levels.

And with each new experience, you have the opportunity to heal. You can either resist the experience or embrace it, integrate it, and use it to evolve. When you consciously choose to heal, you accelerate the process of becoming whole, of becoming who you truly are.

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