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Freeing Yourself from Fear Feels Awesome

Freeing yourself from fearThe other day my wife and I went for a swim during a thunderstorm. It felt wonderful. But on our way to the pool, I recalled the admonitions and warnings I received as a wee lad: swimming was one of the most dangerous things you could during a thunderstorm.

And yet Mamiko and I merrily went for a dip. Why? We had no fear. None whatsoever.

Neither one of us is afraid of dying. Plus, we’re both pretty confident in our understanding of our life blueprints and why we’re on this planet. And if being struck by lightning in a pool with a gorgeous view of the mountains is the exit strategy we scheduled into our life plans, then so be it. What a spectacular way to leave the Earth plane!

Most of us live in fear and it sucks. I know you know what I’m talking about.

We’re afraid it’s going to rain, afraid of arriving late, afraid of what someone might think about us. And that’s just the small stuff.

There’s the fear of losing someone, the fear of getting sick, the fear of dying. And when I use the word “fear,” I also mean doubt and worry. Those are just synonyms.

For some of us, we wake up with our worries (fears) and go to bed with them, each and every day. What an exhausting and unsatisfying way to live!

So what’s the alternative? Well, it is possible to live with very few or no fears.

I can tell you from direct, personal experience over the last 20 years that the simplest way to release your fears is to develop a wider perspective about life. Not just your life, life in general.

Once I started awakening spiritually, when I began realizing that most of life exists beyond the five physical senses, my fears started to melt away like frost in the morning sun. The big ones seemed to tumble first: the fear of death, the fear of spending my life alone, the fear that life was just a meaningless exercise in futility.

Since then I’ve been letting go of all sorts of minor fears and habits of worry. I’m not finished, of course, but I am much happier and more at peace than I was in my 30s. Freeing myself of fears has felt awesome.

I’ve learned that a fear is just a thought, and a thought can be changed. And I know that any fear can be healed, even ones we’ve held onto for decades or carried with us from previous lifetimes.

For me, learning about higher selves, the realm of spirit, and life blueprints has been the most liberating. With a larger, spiritual understanding, I know in my heart of hearts that life isn’t random. It’s a meticulous blend of exquisite planning, love, and the power of free will. There is truly nothing to fear.

Especially during thunderstorms. We get the entire pool to ourselves, at least for now.


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Why did I hurt myself… again?

27283131_backpainMamiko and I recently returned home from a working trip to Japan. Our suitcases are always heavy because we need to pack clothing for multiple events and various climates plus workshop materials, props, books, paperwork, etc.

When our regular taxi driver dropped off us at home, the last thing he said to me was, “Don’t hurt your back with those suitcases.”

Well, that’s exactly what I did. I strained all sorts of muscles in my back and hips as I carried our luggage into the house. Forty-eight hours later, I’m still healing the pain.

The question is: why did I do it?

Here’s the answer that came to me. Unconsciously, I hurt myself because I need to learn to set aside downtime after every long, demanding trip overseas.

Usually, I jump right back to my email inbox and project list the day after I get home. I fight my way through jet lag and never give myself ample time to rest and recover. In the process I create stress for myself.

My wife, by comparison, is a pro at travel recovery. She always gives herself plenty of days to rest before getting back to work. She listens to her body and acts accordingly. She doesn’t get stressed at all.

When we returned home this week, my higher self really wanted me to learn a lesson about self-care. Believe me, I’m paying attention.

Whenever we catch a cold or hurt ourselves, it’s never a random event. Rather, the Universe is trying to get our attention. Our bodies are attempting to communicate with us. Our higher selves want us to notice something and think about it. They are urging us to alter our old patterns of thought and behavior and evolve.

Most of the time, the key message is to rest and release stress. We need to take a pause in our busy lives and allow ourselves to heal.

When we get sick or injure ourselves, the challenge is to listen closely to the subtle messages being sent to us and not fight against our bodies or the higher forces at play. While it’s often hard to accept, the truth is that everything that happens in our lives, happens for our benefit. Everything.

So, this time I’m listening. Yesterday, I spent the majority of my day in bed, resting and meditating. Today, I’m doing a handful of work-related tasks and then continuing to rest. I am determined to learn this lesson about self-care and pay close attention to what I need physically, mentally and emotionally.

I need to rest, and that’s what I intend to do.

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