Glastonbury gathering raises Lemurian love and light

Lemurian Healing practitioners in Glastonbury

British summers are notoriously cool and often wet, yet we had absolutely perfect weather for our Lemurian Healing workshops in Glastonbury UK last month.

I am honored to officially welcome our newest certified Lemurian Healing practitioners from the UK, Denmark and Switzerland. And I extend loving congratulations to the first graduates of our Master Level 1 Course!

Our venue this year was the Goddess Hall, a magnificent building that’s been transformed by the owners and supporters of Glastonbury Goddess Temple into an ideal space for spiritual learning, ceremony and healing.

The Goddess Hall was perfect for Lemurian Healing because every square inch is infused with divine feminine energy. We were blessed to be able to use this wonderful facility for all six days of our workshops.

I am continually learning to trust the unfolding of life, which includes the business of teaching and presenting workshops. The light of Lemuria attracts those who are meant to awaken to their Lemurian roots. This was our second year teaching Lemurian Healing in Glastonbury, and just like last year, those who were meant to join our sacred circle found their way to us.

No matter how many times I’ve experienced it, I still enjoy the awakening and bonding that happens in our Lemurian Healing workshops. Individuals come together feeling like strangers meeting for the first time, but by the end four days, the group feels like a spiritual family reunited.

Plus, the group energy always becomes a focal point for our non-physical friends—our higher selves, spirit guides, angels, councils and Goddesses—to contribute their love and light to the proceedings. The gathering becomes a virtual sauna of love energy.

Mamiko and I love spending time in and around Glastonbury, the sacred center of ancient Avalon. We feel an undeniable connection between the mystical realms of Avalon and Lemuria. Their vibrations are similar, which makes sense. Both are manifestations of divine feminine light.

We especially enjoy the sacred feminine energy of the Chalice Well gardens at the foot of the famous Glastonbury Tor. In the serenity of the gardens, we feel the divine presence of the Goddess, who assures us that the effort of bringing Lemurian Healing from Hawaii to Glastonbury is well worth the time and effort.

And we are forever grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given to share the light of Lemuria so far from home.

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