Here’s one more habit you can do without…

david_bower_0251r-2A truly magical thing happens when you give up the habit of criticism: you stop attracting people and situations that bother you. Criticizing is a learned behavior, a habit, just like smoking cigarettes. And you can break the habit anytime you choose. And once you do, you start to create a more joyful, abundant life experience for yourself.

There is no great mystery here. What you put out into the Universe is what the Universe delivers back to you. You can break the habit of criticism. I know you can. You can start simply by setting your intent to catch yourself whenever to slip into “critical mode” and then choose a different behavior.

As you catch yourself more frequently, it will become easier to consciously give up being critical… of your co-workers, your neighbors, people you see on TV, your family members and, most importantly, yourself.

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