Learn Lemurian Healing™

Learn Lemurian Healing™

Lemurian Healing session

2021 Update: Although we’re still unable to travel and offer in-person workshops, you can now learn Lemurian Healing online! To receive news about upcoming courses, online events and private sessions, subscribe to our email list.

Lemurian Healing practitioners often use the phrase “simple yet powerful” to describe this unique modality.

In Lemurian Healing workshops and online courses, beginners are easily able to discover their innate healing abilities and quickly gain confidence using them.

Experienced healers immediately recognize the unique power and potential of Lemurian Healing. Some choose to weave this new approach into their existing practices, while others set aside their previous methods in favor of Lemurian Healing.

To learn more about a specific training opportunity, click on a link below.

  • Self-Healing Course (online)
  • Certified Distance Healing Practitioner Course (online)
  • Certified Practitioner Course
  • Advanced Practitioner Course (online)