Master Level Courses

Lemurian Healing Master Level Courses

As Mother Earth and her inhabitants continue to experience profound (and sometimes traumatic) shifts in vibration, the world needs healers now more than ever.

Lemurian Healing Master Courses allow you to better understand how your healing gifts and your desires to be in service fit into the larger picture of humanity’s evolution and ascension. In addition these courses are designed to help you pursue the path of mastery as a healer.

Master Course – Level 1

In this Master Course you’ll learn how to take your Lemurian Healing work to deeper levels, both for your clients and for yourself.

Workshop highlights:

  • Understanding global ascension and the role of Lemurian Healing in the Great Shift
  • Tapping into a powerful NEW energy source for healing
  • Learning advanced healing techniques to use with clients and in self-healing
  • Discovering your unique soul color
  • Learning how to conduct Goddess-style, long-distance Lemurian Healing sessions
  • Embarking upon the path of mastery as a healer


Master Course - Level 1

Prerequisite: Certified Practitioner Course

Length: Two days

Certification Awarded: Master 1 Practitioner


Master Course – Level 2

This course is designed for experienced healers who wish to expand their knowledge and healing skills, bring more heart energy into their healing work, and provide more powerful healing experiences to their clients.

Workshop highlights:

  • Using the “Heart Brain” in healing yourself and others
  • Clearing and balancing the body’s major energy centers
  • Unlocking the power of prayer in healing
  • Understanding your clients’ life blueprints (and your own) at a deeper level
  • Using sound tools during Lemurian Healing sessions
  • Sending long-distance healing to a group


Master Course - Level 2

Prerequisite: Master Course – Level 1

Length: Two days

Certification Awarded: Master 2 Practitioner