Healing Sessions

Lemurian Healing™ Sessions

Basic Level Course

Lemurian Healing™ sessions can be conducted in person, by telephone, online via Zoom or Skype, or remotely at a distance. Typical sessions last 45 minutes to an hour but vary according to the practitioner and the method being used.


The tabs below provide descriptions of the three basic types of Lemurian Healing™ sessions.

In-person Sessions

During an in-person session, the practitioner will conduct a brief consultation at the outset to understand your healing goals. Once you and the practitioner have set a clear, mutual intent for the session, the practitioner will begin the energy work.

Whether the practitioner has you seated in a chair or lying on a healing table, it’s most likely you will become very relaxed during the session. Some people fall asleep, which is perfectly OK, while others enter a deep meditative state. (In general you are more receptive to healing when you are completely relaxed and open.)

For in-person sessions, Lemurian Healing™ is a hands-on modality, which means the practitioner will be placing hands on your head, shoulders, and other parts of your body as needed. The practitioner may also do some toning, which is a method of using vocal sounds to enhance the energy healing. Rest assured that the practitioner’s intention is to keep you feeling comfortable, safe and relaxed during the entire experience.

Distance Sessions

During a distance healing session, the practitioner will have consulted with you in advance—either by email, Zoom or telephone—to determine a mutual intent for the session. She will also provide instructions about what to do before, during and after the session.

At an agreed-upon time, you will relax quietly with your eyes closed, undisturbed for 20-30 minutes. You can be meditating or simply resting comfortably. Typically, the practitioner will email you a brief follow-up report after the session.

Online / Phone Sessions

An online or phone session is very similar to an in-person session, except the practitioner guides you through the session with her voice. As always, the practitioner will conduct a brief, initial consultation to understand your healing goals and set a clear, mutual intent for your session.

When the energy work begins, the practitioner may use a guided visualization and meditation to help you achieve a state of deep relaxation. During the session, the practitioner will explain quietly what areas of the body she is focusing on and may offer insights she receives during the energy work.

For online/phone sessions, it’s best for you to find a comfortable position in which your body is fully relaxed while still being able to converse with the practitioner. Clients often use earphones, headsets or speakers. Practitioners may conduct sessions online via Zoom or Skype or by telephone.