What 20 years of healing has taught me about life (and death) and the invisible realms

Lemurian Healing session

When I think back over my experiences as a healer over the last 20 years, I’m truly humbled.

Thousands of people have trusted me to assist them in their healing journeys. And for that my heart is filled with gratitude.

Healing has guided me to awaken spiritually and helped me become who I truly am. It has opened my eyes and opened my heart.

I discovered healing in my mid-30s. Eventually, I realized I had been a healer in other lifetimes.

Re-discovering healing in this lifetime was my shortcut to spiritual awakening. It also set me on the path to fulfilling my life’s work, which is to help people awaken spiritually, heal, and prepare for global ascension.

In this article, I share some of the experiences I cherish as a Lemurian Healing practitioner and master teacher.

I’ve seen people completely transform themselves and their lives

Until I started doing healing work, I didn’t think people could change dramatically, at least not in a positive direction.

As a healer, I’ve witnessed hundreds of people experience tremendous shifts in their lives, like caterpillars transforming into beautiful butterflies.

  • I’ve seen people fully recover from surgery in half the time expected by doctors.
  • I’ve seen people who were nervous, self-doubting, and struggling financially change into people who are now strong, joyful, confident and financially abundant (that includes me!).
  • I’ve seen people “miraculously” heal from serious physical conditions.
  • I’ve seen people change terrible relationships into ones with more loving, respectful interactions.
  • I’ve seen people overcome their greatest fears and create new lives filled with freedom and joy.
  • I’ve seen people make some of their biggest dreams come true.

Seeing my clients and students become healthier, happier and more inspired is one of the greatest gifts I’ve received as a healer.

I’ve helped people leave this physical world

When my father transitioned back into the non-physical realm, I was honored to be able to assist him.

At his bedside in the hospital, I used healing techniques to create a safe space and help his spirit leave his physical body, gently and gracefully.

Over the years I’ve helped many people prepare to leave the physical world. These are the times when healing work has felt the most sacred and loving to me.

And here’s something interesting. Through healing work, I’ve learned that what we call dying is actually a birthing back into the light. It’s a completely liberating experience for our human selves.

From our higher selves’ point of view, being born into the density of a physical body is more like death.

The non-physical realms have been my greatest teachers

When I teach Lemurian Healing, I usually tell students the only way to become a good healer is to practice, practice, practice. “The energy is your best teacher,” I say to them.

This maxim was true for me 20 years ago and it’s still true today. I learn the most from the non-physical energies I work with and from the non-physical beings who guide and assist me.

For example, when I do healing sessions, I often work with a person’s chakras (energy centers). Chakras have helped me learn how to sense energies I could not see and how to balance someone’s energy in their physical body and in their aura.

One of my most memorable learning experiences was giving a healing session to an infant who was born prematurely.

She was in a special incubator in the hospital, and because she was so small, I couldn’t use the healing hand positions I normally used on adults. I could only send energy through the tips of my index fingers.

This tiny infant’s auric field was incredibly powerful and dynamic. It felt like pure electricity.

Each time I touched her chakras, her energy field would shift almost instantaneously. Her unique energy taught me several valuable lessons about healing that day.

My higher self and spirit guides have guided me through every healing session I’ve ever done, and they’ve helped me develop my skills and techniques as a healer.

Even during my first week as a healing volunteer in my local hospital, my guides were telling me where to place my hands and how to breathe as I did each session!

As you can probably feel, I love doing healing work.

And if you’ve read this entire article, chances are you’re a healer, too.

If your heart is telling you you’re a healer, don’t ignore that loving voice.

The world needs your love and your unique light in whatever forms you choose to share it.


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