What is healing?

5767840_mThe words “health,” “healthy” and “healing” in English find their roots in older words meaning “whole.”

At the most basic level, healing is the process of becoming whole. For each of us that process of becoming whole is unique. Today, I may be healing a cut on my finger while you may be healing from an argument with your spouse. My neighbor may be healing from cancer and the damage caused by the cancer treatments she’s receiving. Your best friend may be healing through the trauma of abuse suffered as a child.

A lot of healing happens automatically. Every night while we sleep, our tissues and organs are repairing and replacing damaged cells. Our minds are processing thoughts and emotions from the day. Without our conscious participation, we are constantly healing. We are constantly seeking balance and wholeness and harmony.

Here’s another way of looking at it. Healing is the process of integrating all of our experiences—both physical and non-physical—on our path to becoming whole. It’s a dynamic process that changes daily.

Here are some of the healing challenges we may be facing each day:

  • Toxins we put into our bodies through food, drink and body-care products
  • Bumps, cuts, scrapes and bruises
  • Emotionally painful experiences
  • Fears we acquired as children but still manifest in our adult lives
  • Arguments we’ve had with family, friends or co-workers
  • Injuries, dis-ease or chronic pain
  • Traumatic past-life experiences

Clearly, healing is not an isolated experience that occurs now and then. Healing is a life-long journey. In my own life and in working with clients over the years, I have learned that when we embrace healing as a journey, the path to “becoming whole” becomes clearer to see and easier to walk. And when we choose to consciously and actively engage in our own healing, the journey of healing can become much more joyful and fulfilling.

Here are are few questions to ponder. Are you aware of all the healing you’re experiencing each day? Has your body been trying to get your attention? Have you been ignoring it? What messages are your negative emotions sending to you? Is there an area of your life that could use more of your loving attention on the path to healing?

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