What’s the secret password? Lemuria.


The first time I heard the word “Lemuria” many years ago, I had no idea what it was, but I felt something shift inside of me. The word felt familiar. I had read the legends of Atlantis and how it had sank into the sea, but this was the first time I was hearing about an even older civilization and continent, situated somewhere in what we now call the Pacific Ocean, that has also slipped beneath the sea.

Over the years it’s become clear to me that “Lemuria” acts as a code word for many people. When they read it or hear it spoken, something gets switched on in their consciousness, in their DNA.

What does this magic word trigger? Precious memories. Deep feelings of love. Connection.

Many of us have had one or more lifetimes in ancient Lemuria, which is probably the closest thing to heaven-on-earth we’ve ever experienced. The name unlocks our memories and our connections to those previous lifetimes. It expands our awareness and grants us access to ancient wisdom.

Lemuria is a doorway to divine love. It reminds us that it is possible to live in pure joy, from our hearts, in harmony. Lemuria helps us reconnect to our source, and that source is love.

In one of our early Lemurian Healing workshops, one of the attendees was an 80-year-old kendo master and Buddhist priest. He said, “I have no idea what Lemuria is or why I am here, but I saw the advertisement and I knew I had to come.” We’ve heard similar stories from housewives and office workers, aromatherapy practitioners and yoga teachers. For many people, once they see or hear the word Lemuria, their lives begin to change, and Lemurian Healing becomes an important part of their spiritual awakening.

Does the name “Lemuria” feel familiar to you? As you read the word or speak it out loud, what thoughts or feelings come to the surface? It may be that Lemuria is not only part of your past, it’s an important part of your future.

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