Why teach healing?

Today at lunch Mamiko asked me why I still enjoyed teaching Lemurian Healing. We’ve been teaching for many years now, and it always takes a significant effort to travel abroad and present our workshops. It was a great question.

When I think back to my early experiences as a healer, I have very fond memories. I loved the process of discovery, had a lot of fun, and enjoyed meeting kindred souls along the way. Healing was my pathway to true spiritual awakening.


Through healing I recalled past lives for the first time. I started interacting regularly with non-physical guides and angels. And I developed my psychic abilities. Healing changed my life for the better and forever expanded my view of life, the universe, and everything. And healing allowed me to experience love in new ways.

So this is how I answered Mamiko: I enjoy creating those same kind of once-in-a-lifetime experiences for others.


Participants practicing remote healing across the room from their partners.

During the last four days in Tokyo, that’s exactly what we did with our Lemurian Healing basic and certification level workshops. We created a safe space for people to experience love and healing and self-discovery in ways they never get to in their daily lives.

There were tears and laughter. Old soul friends reconnected. New friendships blossomed. Participants discovered abilities and aptitudes they never knew they had. And of course a lot of healing took place. Participants released old fears and hurts and limitations and allowed themselves to receive more love—from their fellow healers and from their higher selves.


Healing, as with everything in life, is about love. Experiencing more love. Learning how to share love. And finding the courage to love ourselves.

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