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Lemurian Healing Workshops

Lemurian Healing Workshops

Lemurian Healing practitioners and teachers often say, “Lemurian Healing is simple yet powerful,” because it’s the plain truth.

In Lemurian Healing workshops, beginners are able to discover their healing abilities quickly and gain confidence in using them. Experienced healers quickly recognize the power and potential of Lemurian Healing. Some learn how to weave these new techniques into their existing practices, while others decide to set aside their previous methods in favor of Lemurian Healing.

David and Mamiko began teaching Lemurian Healing in 2007 in Japan, and the popularity of their healing modality has continued to expand steadily since then. In 2012 Mamiko published a book entitled Lemuria Healing in Japanese, which exposed an even wider audience to Lemuria and its healing wisdom.

In 2014 the founders began teaching Lemurian Healing to European audiences with workshops held in Glastonbury, UK, the site of legendary Avalon.

Thus far, more than 2,500 people have learned the basics of Lemurian Healing and over 250 certified practitioners have completed the teacher training course, which is held exclusively in Hawaii (the ancient mountaintops of Lemuria).

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